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online events management course

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic and exciting realm of esports events? In this course we introduces you to the core of esports event management. This course is meticulously crafted for aspiring event managers, gaming enthusiasts, and anyone eager to explore the behind-the-scenes action of esports tournaments.

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The Course

This comprehensive module serves as your gateway to mastering esports event management, offering a deep dive into the nuances of organizing, marketing, and executing a wide array of esports events. From intimate community gatherings to grand-scale online tournaments, you’ll acquire essential skills transferable across various industries. Our interactive course blends theory with practice, featuring hours of engaging online instruction complemented by insightful research and development activities. Whether you’re aspiring to be an esports event manager or looking to expand your event management portfolio, Module 1 of our VR7UAL course is the perfect starting point to harness the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of esports.