Experience the power of technology

VR7UAL is a tech startup based in Ottawa, Canada building learning platforms that leverage advanced technologies to improve training.

About Us

Our mission is to revolutionize the training industry by leveraging advanced technologies like AR/VR and AI to improve muscle memory and learner retention.

Meet Our Team
Trevor Hilson

As visionary behind VR7UAL, Trevor brings a wide variety of skills, training and personal experience to the team. Educated at a young age to lead small teams in military environments, Trevor understands the psychological fundamentals involved in training the brain. Technology is his passion, and he believes that there is no limit to what the brain can learn if given the right tools and the right environment. He has had extensive training with the ; Canadian Army, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command, Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, as well as the Ottawa Fire Service. He also has a background in computer based technology, with a higher discipline in data science.

Keith Charlebois
Director of Training

Keith is a very passionate and committed individual, who strives to give his best in any endeavour, and aims to bring out the best in others along the way. An experienced project manager, Keith continues to lend his wide array of business, organizational, production, and people skills to help grow the business and support the VR7UAL team.

Earl Kim

With over 15 years experience in sales and account management, Earl is excited to bring his expertise in serving business client needs for the VR7UAL team as Director of Business Development. He has had a commanding influence in several industries, including Finance, Insurance, and Small Business Management. His aptitude for building relationships and trust is unmatched, and he understands the importance of creating a comfortable, customized experience based on his clients’ vision. Through an exceptional combination of insight, dedication and passion, Earl is committed to making the client experience at VR7UAL both memorable and value-added.

Eric MacDougall
Lead Developer
With over two decades of experience coding, building web applications and much more, Eric brings a wealth of technical knowledge and team management skills to the table. Alongside his strong technical background, Eric is no stranger to start-up life. His experience will be integral in forging VR7UAL’s path forward.